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Fry Pan Removable Handle | Fry Pan With Wooden Handle

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Fry Pan Removable Handle Features:
  • SOGA Rectangular Cast Iron Skillet Grill is perfect for cooking your favourite campsite meals without the griddle/grill top cooking surface.
  • High ridges allow excess fat and grease to drain, and spouts on two sides allow for drip-free pours.
  • Even heat distribution and superior heat retention
  • From savoury vegetables to mouth-watering steak, chicken, and shrimp, the square Skillet Grill gives all the delicious flavour of an outdoor grill, then presents foods beautifully at the table.
  • Folding handle for easy storage
  • Suitable for all heat sources including induction cooktops

Tips: How to protect the cast iron from rust?


  • Store cleaned and seasoned pans in a dry place. If stacking pans that will nest together, place a layer of paper towel between each. Don't store cast iron pans with their lids in place unless you put something between lid and pan to allow air circulation.

Fry Pan Removable Handle During Use:

  • Heat a pan on a burner slowly, first on low, then increase to higher settings. Avoid using metal utensils with sharp edges or corners. Avoid cooking acidic foods that may compromise your seasoning. Allow a pan to cool on its own to room temperature before cleaning
Fry Pan Removable Handle Specifications:
  • Material: Cast Iron and Wood for Handle
  • Color: Black
  • Product Dimension: 21 x 35 x 1.50CM
  • Gross Weight: Approx. 2kg
  • Packaging Size: 26 X 42 X 5.5 CM
Fry Pan Removable Handle Usage:
  • Home Cooking
  • Outdoor
Fry Pan Removable Handle Package Includes:
  • 1 X Rectangular Cast Iron Grill Pan

Dispatches from Australian based warehouse in 1-2 days.

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