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  • Fake potted plants 50 cm in height against a white background
  • Pot plant - Yellow Edged Tiger Piran on a table next to gifts and lemons
  • Decorative plants for bedroom high zoom on a leaf
  • Home decor ideas zoom onto leaves of Tiger Piran
  • Hand touching leaf of home decor plant for sale
  • Ideas for home decor potted Yellow Edge Tiger Piran
  • Pot plants to buy in perth artificial Yellow Edged Tiger pran 95 cm
  • 70 cm height Plant in a black pot
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Fake Potted Plants Yellow Edge Tiger Piran

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$77.99 AUD

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  •  Yellow Edge Tiger Piran is one of our selection of fake potted plants and is a perfect addition to any indoor and outdoor decor.
  • Realistic, no maintenance or watering needed, natural trunks make the plant highly realistic.
  • It has a clear texture and vivid color on the leaves.
  • The simulated moss in the flowerpot makes it look more realistic and beautiful.
  • A long-term replacement to the real plant since it will never wither
  • Strong decorative effect to different environments
  • A perfect addition to your home or office decoration. Can improve the overall decor in stairs, balconies, kitchens, lofts, restaurants, tea houses, beauty salons, hotels, internet cafes, weddings, photography, photo studios, etc.
  • Size: 50cm
  • Leaves quantity: 18pcs
  • Carton box size: 55*17*17
  • Home and Office Decoration
Package Includes:
  • 1 X Yellow Edge Tiger Piran Artificial Plant

Shipping: This product is warehoused in Australia typically shipments take 2-3 business days to VIC, 3-5 business days to NSW and SA, 7-10 business days to WA and NT.

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