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  • 95 cm money tree artificial cheap plants
  • Artificial plants and pots 180 cm money tree in a black pot
  • Artificial plants decor money tree next to a chait
  • Realistic artificial plants a zoom on leaves of a money tree
  • Artificial plants for sale zoom on leaves of a money tree
  • Decorative plants indoor 150 cm money tree
  • Plants aesthetic shown with money tree plants in a living room against a curtain
  • Plants in Australia Money Tree in a Stylish Room
  • Plants you can get in Melbourne Money Tree on a white carpet in a corner
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Artificial Plants Aus | Fake Plants in Pots | Plants aesthetic

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Money Tree

 Money Tree formally known as Pachira Aquatica is a native of Tropical Wetlands particularly in the Americas and Asia. In the wild these can grow to huge sizes (18m high!). For generations these trees have been associated with good fortune particularly of the financial kind. So not only will it make a great addition for your home but may also bring you Luck!

Artificial Plants Aus Features:

  • Never worry about having to maintain your plant
  • Realistic texture and vivid colours makes the tree look very lifelike in your space
  • It will last you years and you will never have to worry about watering it or what will happen if you have to go on a holiday
  • Highly versatile where the decoration can be used - office, home or restaurant - it will look great in all of them.
  • Because details matter we have even simulated some moss in the pot
Artificial Plants Aus Specifications:
  • Height: 95cm - 180 cm
  • Material: PE
Artificial Plants Aus Usage:
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Home or Office
Artificial Plants Aus Package Includes:
  • 1 X SOGA Potted Pocket Money Artificial Plant
Dispatches from Australian based Warehouse in 1-2 days.

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