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Anytime Simple


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Looking for the missing piece in your cookware collection? Look no further because we’ve got the one for you, but five times better.

Our 5 Tier Steamer makes cooking three times faster and easier than the regular ones. It offers a more efficient cooking process for busy moms, working adults, and businesses.

Complete the kitchen essentials with our 5 Tier Steamer to achieve more recipes and make more savoury meals. More steamer trays, more steamed goodness to enjoy!


Why buy it?


  • Rust-resistant - Made of stainless steel that prevents tarnishing and rusting even after months of frequent use so you can make more delicious recipes without compromising the quality
  • High quality - Specially designed for steaming, our 3 Tier Steamer can withstand varying temperatures and evenly distribute heat to produce well-cooked, tasty steamed meals
  • Durable - Save time and money from buying a lot of cookware that won’t last long; our 5 Tier Steamer is not easily deformed, scratch-resistant, almost indestructible even with heavy usage
  • Convenient - Comes with easy-to-manoeuvre two interchangeable trays with large capacity so you can steam different meals at once
  • Easy to clean - Cook without worrying about the tedious dishwashing later; disassemble parts and wash out grease and residue with superior ease while maintaining its polished finish

So if you’re looking for the perfect one, why not make it three? When it comes to steaming, our 5 Tier Steamer is a must-have if you want to save time in the kitchen and make cooking five times easier.

A steamer on sale just for you. Order yours today. 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

    This product is also available in 3-Tier Version.

    Shipping: This product is warehoused in Australia typically shipments take 2-3 business days to VIC, 3-5 business days to NSW and SA, 7-10 business days to WA and NT.