5 Springtime Closet Organisation Ideas

5 Springtime Closet Organisation Ideas


As the spring starts to get warmer a lot of us want to get on with the spring cleaning of the closets. It makes sense to get rid of all those cobwebs and to have the space looking great in time for summer, Unfortunately, a lot of the times no matter how much effort is spent on organising a lot of the times after a few weeks the space starts to get messy again. Below we have put together 4 ideas for you to help your closet space organised for longer.

1. Tidy up your closet

The first thing you should do with your closet is to spend some time tidying it up. Set up a laundry area so that you can throw away the loads of old clothes, hang up the new ones that need to be stored and create a space for your shoes. This is also a good time to consider which of your seasonal clothes can be stored in farther away (no need for a winter jack in the middle of the summer). When you do clean your closet do make sure to pull everything out of it to make sure there are no forgotten corners.


2. Store your Shoes

Shoes are bulky, come in many different shapes (from thongs to boots) and are not easy to store. In addition if you want to keep them dust and elements free you are probably either storing them in original shoe boxes or possibly some bags. This can be a nightmare when you are looking for a specific pair of shoes and have to go through all of the boxes looking for them. Instead consider having a shoe organiser so that you can have your shoes organised by type and colour that way you will be easily able to access them when rather then searching all over. In our Organisation section we have a few shoe storage ideas that you might want to consider. 

3. Hangers Help

One of the best ways to preserve the clothes is by hanging them. That way they will retain they will be ready to wear straight away without needing to iron first. Even if you do not have the space to hang up every t-shirt that you own focus on the delicate and the sturdy items (coats, silk materials etc).

4. Type of Hangers

Another tip is to pick the correct hanger. We suggest to avoid using the wire hangers (like the ones that you would get from dry cleaning) whenever possible and instead if you can use the wooden one that have thick sides. This will help to preserve your clothes in shape for longer (and in particular avoid hanging heavy items like jackets on wire hangers). For extra level of organisation consider hanging everything facing the same way.

5. Stacking

Stacking is a great way to save space and it is particularly useful for some types of clothes that do not need to be hung. A good example is denims of course you can also store your warm winter sweaters in that way. With a few stacks you will be able to clearly see what you have in your closet.


These five ideas can get you started on your journey to organised closet space and better preserved clothes. Next week we will publish more organisation tips that you would be able to use.


Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels